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SKYWARN is a self-contained network of certified weather spotters sponsored and trained by the National Weather Service (NWS).  Many spotters are Amateur Radio operators who submit observations via radio. Compiled observations are forwarded to meteorologists at local NWS offices and the data is incorporated into reports and forecasts.  SKYWARN volunteers collect on-the-spot weather observations in localized areas that assist NWS meteorologists in producing forecasts that are more accurate and warnings that are more timely. SKYWARN and ARES-RACES are natural partners in Delaware County, working together to make our communities safer.

In Delaware County, observations are collected by the SKYWARN Coordinator or his assistants and data is forwarded to the NWS office in Mount Holly, New Jersey. When severe weather strikes it is recommended that SKYWARN personnel who are Amateur Radio operators monitor their local SKYWARN repeater. Delaware County SKYWARN nets are conducted on the KA3TWG repeater in Bethel Township, in the southwestern area of the county. The following observations are criteria  worthy of reporting to the NWS via the SKYWARN network: 


      tornadoes    funnel clouds    wall clouds    winds in excess of 58 mph    rain in excess of 1 inch / hour

      flooding    coastal flooding    snow in excess of 4 inches    hail of any size     any ice accumulation    tsunami


   SKYWARN Repeaters in Delaware County

   (Penn-Del Amateur Radio Club)

   446.925 Mhz,  ( - )  pl 173.8 Hz,    Call sign:  KA3TWG

   224.220 Mhz,  ( - )  pl   91.5 Hz,    Call sign:  KA3TWG


   Become a Certified SKYWARN Spotter

   Persons interested in volunteering as SKYWARN spotters should contact:

  SKYWARN Coordinator:    Hal Frantz, KA3TWG

   email:  email KA3TWG



Click box above for DelCo SKYWARN website


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